Heat Recovery Coke Oven Heatup



Hotwork provides services to operators of boilers, power plants and to their specialty service providers.


Hotwork provides refractory dryout/heatup services to cement plant operators.


Hotwork has provided glass furnace heatup services to glass manufacturers around the world.


Hotwork understands the refractory requirements in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Nonferrous Metals

Hotwork has extensive experience with processes that calcine metal ores and also with metal refining furnaces.


Hotwork has been providing refractory related dryout and heat up services to the steel industry for decades.

Refractory Manufacturers

Hotwork helps to insure optimal performance from a new refractory installation.

Refractory Installers

Hotwork works with refractory installers to help deliver the dried refractory lining.

Furnace Designers

Due to years of experience with all types of industrial furnaces, Hotwork can be an asset to furnace designers.

These include biofuel units, chemical processing, coating cures, gas handling, post weld heat treating, unusual applications, and waste recycle/incineration.


Hotwork first used its proprietary combustion equipment to heat a glass furnace in the mid 1960’s and has become the most experienced, most successful refractory drying and heating company in the world.

Refractory drying and heating is the foundation on which the company is built. Over the years, Hotwork has expanded its service offering to include many specialized services for industrial furnace operators. Projects range from single burner jobs on steel ladles to the highly-complex projects such as alumina calciners, cat crackers (FCCU), coke ovens, float glass furnaces and circulating fluid bed boilers (CFB’s). Hotwork started with services to the glass industry and has expanded its service offerings for those customers to include glass furnace drains, checker cleaning, and many other services.

Hotwork maintains an inventory of more than 400 sets of portable combustion equipment and has highly-skilled technicians and portable equipment staged in strategic locations throughout the world.

Hotwork USA Joins SPIE

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